SFC-Mini Prototype

Handmade, open source midi controller maker, SoundForce Controllers, just announced a new controller prototype: The SFC-Mini. The SoundForce SFC-Mini is a dedicated class-compliant USB MIDI controller in the style of the MiniMoog compatible with the Arturia Mini-V and the Native Instruments Monark plugins. Ever since the release of Monark by […]

Native Instruments release new file format: STEMS

So Native Instruments just announced that they have developed a new file format called STEMS. The file format is MP4 file which contains 4 stems (or busses) of a song which enables DJs to to mute/un mute each stem and manipulate each part of the song individually. This is really […]

Native Instruments D2

So yesterday, during Dubfire & MK’s DJ set in Miami, we caught a glimpse a new DJ controller from Native Instruments, rumored to be called the D2.