Native Instruments release new file format: STEMS

So Native Instruments just announced that they have developed a new file format called STEMS.

The file format is MP4 file which contains 4 stems (or busses) of a song which enables DJs to to mute/un mute each stem and manipulate each part of the song individually.

This is really cool but what does this mean for Remix Decks?

Will this eliminate Remix Decks?

NI have been promoting the use of their Remix Deck technology for the past couple of years and have dedicated hardware.

Native Instruments’ Remix Decks are similar in the sense that they are 4 parts to a song that can be manipulated individually.

The problem with Remix Decks is that they are expensive and only compatible with Traktor.

Stems will be open source and can be adopted by DJ software company.

Stems also play in a regular Traktor deck.

Here’s an overview of Stems with’s Ean Golden.

As noted in the video, there’s no coincidence that this was announced after the preview of NI’s new Traktor D2 controller.

I’m really excited to see where this goes. Will producers adopt it? What about Serato, Pioneer and other DJ software companies?